Friday, May 16, 2014

Sepia Saturday: Sandy beaches

I must just about be the only Aussie who doesn't enjoy the beach. We have countless miles of sandy beaches that are magnets every weekend, public holiday and school holiday no matter what the weather. We have champion swimmers, champion sailors and champion surfers. We have birds that annually fly from Alaska to spend the summer here on the beaches. Most of our cities are on the coast. But me? I'd rather stay home. I really don't see the attraction of salty water, sunburn, sand and searing wind.

But I look happy enough to be on the beach in this picture. At this stage I was the only child so no siblings to play with yet.
Lorraine 1950
This is a different story. One long weekend we took our children to Robe, in South Australia, about two hours from home. It's a delightful area to visit and Robe is a town with a lot of interesting history and historical buildings. The children had a good time on the beach doing what kids do if it's too cold to swim, and there were rock pools to explore as well.

Kerrie, Glenn & Gemma, Robe beach c1988
And me? Can you see me in this photo? No, not the legs - that's my daughter. I had a severe migraine for two out of the three days we were there. This is me on the beach with my head under a towel. Luckily the children have a father as well as a mother so there was an adult capable of supervising.

Lorraine (and Gemma),  Robe beach c1988
I suggest you take your spade and bucket and wander over to see some more beaches at Sepia Saturday.


  1. I appreciate your including the shot of you on the beach with a towel over your head. A rather poignant display. But gosh, I hope you don't still get migraine headaches? My mother used to get awful ones that lasted for days & I can remember having to tiptoe around the house when she was so sick with them. She hasn't had any for a long time now (she's 96) & is thankful none of her girls (my 2 sisters & me) nor any of her granddaughters or great granddaughters get them. Her mother used to get bad ones too, so she was always worried one of her female offspring would inherit the malady, but none of us have, thank goodness!

    1. No, all good now thanks. Mine usually ony lasted a day thanks goodness.

  2. I like sunny days, but only if I can sit in the shade, not on a hot beach with no trees or shelter.

  3. I am the opposite of you as far as loving beaches, but now I live happily in the mountains and love them too. I have suffered from migraines too, but never on the beach, so I do feel for your pain and sensitivity to light. Awful!

  4. Mum this is too funny, can't stop giggling at the photo of you under the towel. There's no way we'd get you to spend two days on a beach now if you had a migraine, let alone if you were feeling in top form! I've never heard that story, none of us seem to concerned at your plight. I've probably just walked up to you to demand food or something...

  5. LOL. You probably wanted your towel that's over my head! And dad wasn't too concerned - he just grabbed the camera to take the photo:)

  6. Funny - your daughter comments on your SS and my Dad does!
    I'm a real Aussie beach kid - love it!

  7. That's a shame, especially as you look to have started out so well at the beach as a child. It would have to be the worst place to be with a migraine!

  8. I only really appreciated beaches in the Mediterranean when it was sunny and warm; there are very few photos of me on a beach. As you photos show it's a place for kids to have fun - and pester their Mum.

  9. I sympathize with not being a big beach-goer -- I loved the seaside as a child, but I've only just started to appreciate it again, now that my children are old enough to most likely not drown -- and I have no toddlers to keep from eating sand. Regardless, though, I don't like getting in the water, and don't like being hot, sweaty, and itchy with sand. Give me a beach chair under the trees where I can enjoy the view from a distance, though, and I'm happy. :) Loved the pics!

  10. I think when we didn;t have air-conditioning and all mod cons it was a relief to be able to go to the beach and cool down with a bit of a paddle or a sea breeze for both young and old. But these days it's much easier to stay home to keep cool. Great prhotos.

  11. I can't believe you actually went to the beach with a migraine. But that photo certainly keeps that little memory alive.


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