Friday, May 30, 2014

Sepia Saturday: Glorious hair

The theme photo this week's Sepia Saturday is of a woman with long hair, very long hair. She has been posed so that the full glory of her hair can be seen to best advantage. That particular pose is not unusual in the old photos. It must have been every young girl's dream to have beautiful long hair.

Phil's great grandmother Maggie was a young teenager when this photo was taken. Her waist-length hair is smoothly tied into several bows but I imagine she wore it in plaits most of the time ...

Margaret McKernan my mother when she was young. There she is at left in a school photo. Her older sister, Betty, is second from the right. All five girls have their hair in plaits. And all the boys have dirty knees! (Lawler is a small rural community east of Minyip in Victoria's Wimmera area and this is the entire school.)

Lawler School, 1934
There is a family story that when Betty and Mavis were very young Betty cut Mavis's plaits off for some reason. In this photo Mavis has short hair so maybe the story is true.

Mavis and Betty Smith
And finally, just for fun, here's a photo from the Genealogical Society of Victoria's collection. It was taken in the 1920s and is of a lady using a garden hose to wash her long hair.

Unknown lady washing her hair in a garden. {GSV collection]


  1. Those students look pretty glum.

  2. The photograph of the school children is priceless - all the girls with pigtails, & those boys with those dirty knees! The photographer was obviously in a rush to take the picture. No time to clean up or sweep back stray hairs. But it's an honest depiction. :)) Loved the lady washing her hair in the garden. Reminds me of washing my hair while camping.

  3. The dirty knees are really funny. Your family story reminded me of the youngest sister of a childhood friend who cut her own hair once and made a total mess of it.

  4. Now I wonder whether I can persuade my wife to use the garden hose!

  5. Those photos are lovely. I'm afraid my lateral thinking didn/t work very well this week to produce hair photos. Love those very familiar dirty knees.

  6. The photograph of the Lawler School is a classic. Indeed all of the photos are full of character.

  7. Your mother's school picture is my favorite of all the many photos this weekend. My grandmother went to a one room country school in Maryland that was about the same size.

  8. Love the one of washing hair in the garden!

  9. We forget how easy it is to wash and go these days with our hair. Let's hear a cheer for the blow dryer!

    Love the school photo. They're always fun to see.

  10. I wonder what everyone said and did when Betty cut Mavis's hair! I don't remember this incident personally, but it was told to me MANY times -- as a child, probably around 4 or 5, I cut my friend's hair. Her mother didn't get mad, but she came to my mother asking what to do. My mother ended up recutting my friend's hair, trying to "repair" it. What is it with kids and scissors??


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