Monday, September 23, 2013

Trove Tuesday: In which boys wear frocks and lace collars.

I have a few photos in my family albums, taken around the early 1900s, in which the boys wear frocks and lace collars. In some instances, where the children aren't named, I can't decide whether they are boys or girls.

In 2013 we look at such photos with amusement, try and fail to imagine our lively grandsons or sons wearing those types of clothes. But I'm guessing that in 100 years time their descendants will look at the photos of today and have a giggle as well.

Duncan and Susannah Hillgrove, early 1900s in Victoria. Is the younger child a boy or a girl?
The two boys in this photo are cousins of the children in the first photo. Luckily this photo has names attached so there is no confusion.

William and Albert Hillgrove, sons of John and Sarah Hillgrove, c1904 in Victoria.
In Trove I found this country newspaper article from the time. The fashion details are clearly described and illustrated and contemporaneous photos confirm that children were indeed dressed in dresses.

Warragul Guardian 17 Apr 1900, Victoria
A real photo postcard from Melbourne, early in the 1900s.
State Library of Victoria, accessed through Trove. Image H2005.34/1029
Taken at Warracknabeal, Victoria. 
Robert and Jeannetta Wyllie with their two sons Angus and Allan (my grandfather).
Wimmera, Victoria c1887
Young Boy on a Rocking Horse c1906, South Australia State Library File No. B69727_100


  1. I'd rather be laundering trackies and tshirts than he lacy creations of the past.

  2. Hello, I've wandered over to your blog while doing research for a uni history project. I'm a Smith/ Blair/ Hillgrove (who then married a Leslie)descendent. I have the copy of the family history someone did in the 1980s (? It's hand typed!!). This is a great resource you have compiled. Cheers, Kate


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