Friday, September 25, 2015

Sepia Saturday: Sisters

The theme photo for Sepia Saturday this week is two sisters with their dogs, so I've chosen some photos of sisters in our family albums. Except for the first one, which, as it turns out, most closely matches the theme photo. It's of twins, probably from the Leeds area of England. That's all I know because it's a photo I purchased online, a 'found' photo.

From time to time I purchase random albums or bundles of photos because I think old snaps are interesting and scanning them to post on Flickr  gives them a second life. Goodness knows what I'll do long term with the originals - maybe the family will sell them again when I'm gone. It must be a common problem for all collectors.

The twins are neatly dressed in matching clothes and hairstyles, but there's only one dog. And it's yet another photo where the subjects are asked to look into the sun:) Maybe the 1950s?

And here are some family photos, three generations of sisters. First my mother-in-law Shirley and her sister Mary in the 1920s. Then my sister Anne and me in 1973 (with a dog and a lamb). Then my daughters Kerrie and Gemma in the 1980s. There is a younger generation but they are all boys.

Shirley (left) and Mary Alford
Lorraine and Anne
Kerrie and Gemma
You can find more sisters or dogs over at Sepia Saturday.


  1. Welcome back to SS, Lorraine! Very sweet photo of your mother-in-law and her sister. I assume that you are on the right of the next photo?

    1. No, I'm the one on the left:) It was a long time ago.

  2. I did enjoy these Lorraine, and thank goodness there are collectors like you saving these gems.

  3. Pipe cleaner glasses? I think I made those a time or two. "Sisters" is a great theme. Had I thought of that, I might not have had such a hard time answering this prompt.

  4. Oh goodness what fun photos, and that first one is such a clear focused photo, and what a cute dog trying to look out!

  5. Lovely photographs of generations of sisters.
    Family History Fun.

  6. They are all great photos but I must comment on lace-up boots for a little girl - very sensible - and the cute lamb, They all brought a smile to my face,

  7. Your first photo of unknown twins definitely deserves preserving on the internet. It's a nice contrast of personalities that we don't see that often in photos of twins. And bell bottoms are the equivalent to 1890s puffy sleeves or 1860s hoop dresses for dating a photo!

  8. I also was struck by the bell-bottoms of the 1960s. On my goodness, that was my generation obviously. I love the 3 sets of sisters over the generations.

  9. Now that's a pair of DESIGNER specs worth owning! Who needs a fancy designer name when pipe cleaners do so nicely!


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