Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sepia Saturday: Horses and carts

A great photo for the theme for this week's Sepia Saturday. It's sharp, it's funny, it has mystery and it's very detailed. We Sepians have a lot to choose from. I was tempted to go for the driver of the coach peering around the corner to see what is going on. I was tempted by the loads of luggage. But in the end it was the combination of horses and vehicles that won out.

The following photos are a miscellaneous collection from my albums. All were taken in Victoria in Australia, and show horses pulling various types of carts and wagons used in the country. How long does it take to get a horse and cart ready for transport? And then, at the end of the day, it has to be done in reverse. Such a lot of work.

Spring cart outside the Commercial Hotel, Mitiamo

A wagonload of loose rye grass being stacked on the Alford's farm at Mologa, 1941.

Various carts and wagons at Kooloonong. Dave Larkin is in a spring cart, smoking his pipe.
About eight years ago we visited a very popular tourist site in Ballarat called Sovereign Hill. It is a reconstructed gold mining town. These three photos were taken on that day. I'm always surprised that horses stand so patiently when they are in harness.

I suggest you clip clop on over to Sepia Saturday to see some more fabulous old photos.


  1. Such typical Aussie photos! Hard to believe the size of some of those Hay Stacks!

    Think it is about time that we visit Sovereign Hill again (it has been about 20 years!).

  2. How did people actually stand on the hay stack? Why didn't they sink to the bottom? I love the spring carts. It looks like a long climb up or down.

  3. The stage coach at Sovereign Hill must have been made by the same company that makes the Wells Fargo Wagons as those are very distinctive colors commonly associated with the Wells Fargo wagons?

  4. The carts and wagons and those patient horses are lovely to look at but my bones are glad they don't have to be bounced around in them these days.

  5. Nice collection from your albums. I wonder how they manage to stack the loose rye grass so it can be moved and not fall off.

  6. Great old photographs. I have some pictures from Sovereign Hill too, from around 1990 when we had a wagon ride there.

  7. Oh my, that is one gigantic load of hay! I think those white horses are so stunning!

  8. Lovely photos! I’ve never had any dealings with horses, but you’re right, it’s remarkable how patiently they can stand!

  9. Beautiful photos. I am very envious of everyone's photos of horses and carts/wagons. I don't think I possess one!

  10. A great collection of photos :) including nice ones of Sovereign Hill

  11. I like the Kooloonong one best and added to that is that it's a new place to me.


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