Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sepia Saturday: A bus holiday

In 1947 sisters Shirley (22) and Mary Alford (20) went from Victoria to Adelaide, South Australia on the Overland train. They stayed in a bed and breakfast place in central Adelaide and for two weeks toured to various spots around Adelaide, Mt Lofty and Victor Harbor by bus and tram every day. Shirley said they had a really good time and still remembers is vividly, including a great meal they had at the Victor Harbor Hotel.

The photo shows Shirley (left), Mary next to her and two nurses from Bendigo they met on the trip. I like the dresses they are wearing, very sweet and stylish, and their hair styles are similar as well. Today's young travellers are much more informal. Note the name on the bus, 'Miss Touralia', and the bus company is Cosgrove's.

Shirley and Mary Alford (left) with unknown friends, 1947.
Shirley married in January the following year and Mary several years later. Both were school teachers in country Victoria.


  1. That's an impressive tour bus for the time. I have pictures of my wife (to be) in the early 50s that look similar to those colourful dresses.

  2. The dresses were indeed stylish and it’s one of those times when it would be good to see them in full colour - we can only imagine.

  3. Love the outfits during those time. I agree, I wonder what colors they were!

  4. A great choice for the theme. The photo has a great composition with strong black/white contrast with the curves and lines.

  5. A happy photograph that matches this week's theme so well. Those 1940's dresses and hairstyles had a style about them.

  6. The touring car was nice and shiny. And I'm with you -- those are lovely dresses that speak of the times.

  7. Sounds like an adventure of a lifetime. I'm glad it is no longer necessary to wear dresses when traveling!

  8. Everyone looks so clean and happy, and even the bus looks brand spanking new!


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