Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sepia Saturday: Togetherness

This week's theme photo for Sepia Saturday is of a bunch of photographers in Washington. I love to photograph the photographer (and have quite a few in my 'stash') but in this case I'm going down a different road. I'm looking at that empty bench seat in the foreground of the theme photo.

Mary and Ralph, 1922
This little photo sits among a whole heap of others in a family album, hardly noticeable and not even labelled. But I love it. It was taken in 1922 in central Victoria and the couple were married several months earlier. It seems that they are sitting apart until you look at their legs tucked up against each other.

And this couple are strangers to me. We were holidaying several years ago at a wonderful place called Kalbarri in Western Australia when I noticed this couple sharing a seat on the foreshore. They have the whole bench to themselves but chose to sit closely together. They've probably been partners for decades and they still like each other.


  1. Well that was a different, and interesting, way to approach this week's photo prompt. Very clever, and charming photos you have shared with us, too.

  2. I immediately thought of the Simon and Garfunkle song, Bookends ..."old friends, sat on a park bench like bookends". The two photographs are kind of visual bookends as well.

  3. I've a photo of my own parents like that. Lovely comparison.

    I'm struggling with your word verification. I've had four attempts so far. Fingers crossed.

  4. It's amazing what we see in a picture - the bench never registered with me. Good choice reminds me of times never wasted on park benches,


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