Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sepia Saturday: Cheeky lads

This week's theme photo for Sepia Saturday is delightful. I'm almost persuaded that those boys were all perfectly behaved, well-mannered, respectful, clean and never argued with each other or their parents. Almost.

I've selected a photo from an album I purchased on the web, an album where there is no indication of names or locations but there are some very interesting (to me) snapshots of the 1930s in England. This particular photo has some damage and the background is more in focus than the boy but I like it. I like his facial expression, his saggy pockets, his dirty knees, his twisted socks, his polished shoes and his cap. Is he wearing braces under his jumper? I note that the lad's cap has a badge. Does that indicate that he's dressed for school?

Lad with a cap
So many of my Australian family albums have photos of kids in floppy hats and bonnets or they are bareheaded ("Take your hat off for the photo, Jack, and get your hands out of your pockets.") and I couldn't find a single one of a boy wearing a cap or playing games with caps. But I did find this photo that matches the lad in the photo above more than the theme photo. It's a holiday photo, probably a beach in Victoria. The lady at the back is Edie Sims who was a sister of my husband's grandmother. Don't the ladies look elegant in their woollen bathing costumes. Would their bathing caps have been waterproof or did they just try to keep their heads out of the water? I have another photo of the two ladies actually sitting in the water. I have no idea who the boys are but the one on the left in the floppy hat is obviously a cheeky one. And why aren't the boys wearing bathers?

Edie Sims (at the back) and others unknown.
If you want to see more lads in caps playing games you can head on over to the Sepia Saturday page.


  1. Your boys have quite some expressions this week lol

  2. Great caps and boys. Perhaps the ones by the water couldn't swim.

  3. Great pics Lorraine. I have a very similar one of my father-in-law in England around 1925 or 1926. He's also wearing a school cap but is smaller than this lad.
    I feel that the two girls at the beach are sisters. Same nose!

  4. Love those bathing caps! The two boys look a bit disgruntled about being in the picture?

  5. Blimey! I love the expressions ! I wonder if the boy on the left is a distant relation to the English boy?

  6. Its great to see boys who have a bit of personality. I'd love to know what the first one has under his jumper. And the style of side fence hasn't changed over the years. It looks exactly like mine.

  7. What characters shine out of those faces!

  8. A photographer's command "Smile please" always seems to provoke boys in this way. I have lots of similar family photos saved just because of the silly expressions.

  9. Silly face photos don't get kept by me as a general rule, but these ones certainly show the boys' characters.


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