Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sepia Saturday: Tunnels

It looks as though it has been constructed and excavated by man but in fact it's a natural feature. The Undara tunnels are huge lava tubes in northern Queensland, created when a river of molten lava keeps moving under the solidified crust of lava. The area is now a National Park.

Undara lava tube, Queensland
Another lava tube but this time it has a floor of ice. The long tunnel acts like a refrigerator so the ice stays frozen even when it's hot outside. This is the Shoshone ice cave in Idaho that we visited several years ago.

Shoshone ice cave
Another holiday, this time in Europe in 2010. On one memorable weekend our son drove us from Zurich to Innsbruck through stunning scenery and the road kept disappearing into tunnels that just seemed to go on and on through the mountains. We don't really do tunnels in Australia so we were very impressed.

So there you have it. Some non-sepia photos for Sepia Saturday's theme this week. If you want to see some older photos I suggest you visit to see those that other bloggers have contributed.


  1. Tunnels through mountains -- wow, now that's some feat! And the idea of lava tubes and ice together seems oxymoronic.

  2. Good that you got a picture ir two of the mountain tunnel entrances. The drawback of tunnels is that of course you miss the scenery while you are in them.

  3. I've done ice caves, and once is enough, I think. Claustrophobia and feezing cold don't go well together.

  4. Tunnels through mountains are really amazing to me. A fun ride, if they're not too terribly long. I wonder how the men felt digging into and through a mountain with all that weight above them.

  5. Those lava caves are something else! Nature can be mighty impressive.

  6. Lorraine - I really enjoyed remembering our time on the road near Innsbruck when I was young. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great shots Lorraine - we have lava tunnels/tubes here as well!

  8. Very dramatic! Tunnels lack the views of bridges but the engineering is no less impressive.


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