Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sepia Saturday: Creative play

The Yulunga float
It must be about 1959 or 1960. The place is my parent's farm near Heywood in Victoria's western district.

I was very very lucky to have two neighbouring families who had girls my own age and parents who let us wander freely. It was a different time and we never did anything naughty or got into trouble. We appeared home for meals after spending countless days bike riding, walking in the bush, playing at 'secret clubs' (members were girls only but that rule was not really challenged because the only boy our age around was my younger brother), rabbit trapping with ferrets ... and dress ups.

On this occasion we must have decided to create a float for a street parade, but it was all pretend because we never actually paraded. We commandeered my dad's trailer and raided mum's garden for flowers. The green tunics are school sport uniforms. That's me at front right, with Betty Field at left. Behind her is Wendy Bannam and her sister, Gloria Bannam, is queen of the float. My young sister Anne is in the yellow dress and my other sister, Kaye, is in the green dress at right. I wonder why we called the float 'Yulunga'. I have a faint memory of it being one of our school's sporting house names.

So many great memories.

This blog is in response to the Sepia Saturday theme photo of a 1930 photograph of the Swan Maiden's Carriage at the Grace Brothers Ball in Sydney, Australia. You can float over to Sepia Saturday's webpage to see more bizarre photos from earlier times.


  1. That was very inventive of you and your friends. Great that someone took a photo.

  2. What creative children you were. WIthout the internet to distract us our play was definitely more fun back then.

  3. Childhood memories are some of the best and how wonderful to have this photo of you and your friends!

  4. Wow! I am really impressed that you made a float and knew how to do it. Loved seeing the old school uniforms too. Those girdles were so ridiculous when you think about it weren't they? Is that what you called them? The belts I mean.

    1. I agree. Ridiculous. But we never thought so at the time.

  5. Fun idea. Too bad there wasn't a real parade for you to participate in.

  6. Perhaps you had recently seen a parade & decided to play at being in one? Whatever, it was an imaginative float and from the sound of it, you did all the work yourselves. What fun you must have had!

  7. This was a super choice for this weekend's theme and the princess crown makes it perfect.

  8. A pretend float is every bit as good as the real deal. What a fun childhood memory.

  9. I made a comment yesteray abut how wonderful that freedom was but as often happens the comment didnt go through, even after entering the code correctly. So I'll try again.

  10. That was a lot of work for all of you and very enterprising...what a shame it never went on public display.


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