Friday, July 19, 2013

Sepia Saturday: Yum Yum

The theme photo this week gives a chance to show a sweet photo from a family album. 

Early 1900s, small town, country Victoria = make your own entertainment. Church socials, sport competitions, card nights and dances were all important ways for a community to relax. The Phelans and the Sims families lived in a town called Mitiamo and were members of the Methodist Church there so it follows that they would participate in church concerts or Pleasant Sunday Afternoons. 

Annie Phelan nee Sims, seen here on the left, and friends have dressed up as the 'Three Little Maids' (Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo and Pitti-Sing) from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, but I can't guarantee that they actually sang the famous song 'Three little maids from school are we'.

Three little maids, Mitiamo, 1920s
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  1. A great picture all right!
    We grew up in the country too - maybe that's why we were all into the dress ups and parades and...

  2. Darling photo. Do you think someone was in town performing the
    Mikado and let them dress up?

  3. Interesting. I have no photographs of my parents or grandparents dressed up for a play or show or anything.

  4. I loved the Mikado and these are beautiful maids.

  5. There seems to have been a craze for dressing up in Mikado costumes in the early 1900s. Nice to see another example.

  6. Oh I hope they did - now you've set me off and I'll be singing it all day! A charming photo.

  7. Well they look the part even if they didn't sing.

  8. My first sight of Three Little Maids was at a boys school - somehow they didn't look the same.

  9. What a happy photo, and story, thanks.

  10. Wonderful : it is fascinating that two or three people have gone with a Gilbert and Sullivan theme this week.

  11. What a great find!!
    And I'll too be singing it all day,
    in my head only...

  12. Great costumes - very authentic.


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