Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sepia Saturday: holiday postcards

Cigarette dispensers, cigarette advertising, smoking. Hmmm. Can't follow the theme this week for Sepia Saturday with a photo from my family albums - I can't find a single photo with anyone smoking! But I have got a few postcards sent to a relative early in the 1900s. Smoking? Tick. Sepia? Uh, uh :(

Now you could wander over to the Sepia Saturday page to see what others made of the theme this week.


  1. Those are cute postcards, in particular the first one. I've heard some people smoke to control their weight, but it didn't seem to work for those two. HA!

  2. Good for your family! You did find some worthy and fun photos to share though, very nice post indeed!

  3. The third card looks like a stage production,Do you know anything more about the picture?

    1. Yes, I'm sure it's a production publicity shot for a play but there's no other information on the back unfortunately.

  4. Often those commercially produced Real Photo Cards were conveying a moral message or joke - perhaps it's that rather than a play?

  5. Probably a good thing that you have no "smoking" photos in your album :)

  6. These are very nice. Love the illustration on the first one.

  7. Oh that first ad is comical; the man faintly resembles a Monopoly piece but much more rotund. Interesting

  8. That's quite a weather forecast in the 2nd postcard. I always wonder what the sender intended to convey by choosing a card like this one? Just a little humor, I guess.

  9. The first card reminds me of the ones that say "Travel is broadening."


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