Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sepia Saturday: Off the rails

I didn't have any photos of upsidedown people for this week's Sepia Saturday theme so I went with the railing instead. But then, any photo would have done because we're 'down under' anyway here in Aus.

Shirley and Mary Alford (somewhere in Adelaide I think)
All aboard a ship to somewhere
Mum, my siblings and me (on the left), in front of our farm house. All dressed up, so it must have been Sunday.
Phil in his 'cage'. There's no way my kids would have been happy about  being put in one of these.
Mary and friend
Now you can wander over to the webpage to see what other Sepians have done with the theme.


  1. Yes we are proudly from "Down Under".

    Where was the "Mary & Friend" photo taken? It looks like a lovely old home in the background.

    1. Hi Sharon. The photo was taken in Bendigo but I don't know where.

  2. I used a playpen for my kids, but by then the wooden rails have been replaced with netting. I don't know that they liked it much, but it was a life saver for me when cooking or needing a moment of privacy! Your rail pictures fit the theme nicely.

  3. Sunday on the fence! I wonder how many get so dressed up now. Great down under shots.

  4. It must have been fun growing up with four siblings. A fine looking family.

  5. Funny you brought up the "down under" thing,
    as it was one of my ideas for this prompt.
    I went through the McCord's archives to find
    Canadians "down under"...
    Then I thought I'd just take a pic of mine and turn it upside down,
    but going through my vintage pics, I saw my grandpa goofing around,
    and decided to work with that.
    Glad you ran with the idea!!
    Really cool set of pictures.

  6. A great collection of photographs. It is OK to balance astride most of those sets of railings, but I would draw a line on the ones on the ship.

  7. I didn't think of "railings" for the theme, but you have a wonderful collection with clever variations of rails too.

  8. A great set of railings pictures. The playpen may have been a lifesaver for Kathy but it nearly did for me before the age of one, when I pulled my newly folded and stacked one on top of me as soon as Mum turned away - and fractured my skull!


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