Saturday, December 15, 2012

William Cook: memorial card

In my last post there was an image of an embroidered post card sent from France by a soldier in WW1. This is also an embroidered card, but this time it's a memorial card for an ancestor of mine*.

Memorial card, William Cook, 1878
Many of the cards like this one hold clues for further family history research, some have photos of the person who has died. Many are black with gold lettering but this one is a cream fabric, probably silk. I imagine they were available 'off the shelf' with the printing added as required. Were they handed out at the funeral or posted as a 'thankyou' card? I don't know.

And, just to show that our family were copycats, here's a very similar card produced a generation earlier (or on an anniversary of Prince Albert's death).

Memorial card, Prince Albert, 1861 (source unknown)
*William Cook was a farmer at Dunmunkle, Victoria. He was born in Plumstead near London, married twice and left a widow and a large family.

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