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Trove Tuesday: In which a bushfire engulfs Zachary's farm

Zachary Perryman went to the Wedderburn area during the goldrush of the 1850s and ended up staying and buying land. There are still descendants in the area.

A little snippet of information about Zachary came from a newspaper search at Trove. In an extreme heatwave in January 1875 a number of bushfires raged throughout central Victoria and the town of Wedderburn was surrounded on all sides. Zachary's land was north of the town and a newspaper report details how he and his neighbours lost everything on their farms. (Note: The report names Zachary as William in error.)

Bacchus Marsh Express, 30 January 1875
Bendigo Advertiser 23 January 1875

Snip from Borung Parish map shows the neighbouring farmers mentioned in the newspaper article (above).
In the following months there was a Relief Fund set up so that people could donate money to distribute to the victims of the fires. Zachary Perryman must have applied, following the instructions listed in the newspaper article below, and then in October the successful applicants were listed in the newspaper. Zachary received five pounds which would have been much less than the value of what he'd lost I'm sure but appreciated all the same.

The Argus 15 September 1875

In compliance with the terms of the notice given in our columns, we have received applications for assistance from the above mentioned fund from 25 persons, whose claims amount in the aggregate to £2,267.
As the sum at our disposal only amounts to £75 6s. 6d., we have considered it inadvisable to make a pro rata division of the money, and have selected for relief those cases which appear to us to be the most deserving.
The following are the cases selected and the amounts awarded.
Mary Bull, Linton £10 0 0
Edmond Faress, Newington £5 0 0
Rosanna Burns, Huntly  £5 0 0
Charles Dunn, East Trentham, Blackwood £10 0 0
Thomas Freeman, Durdidwarrah, near Geelong  £5 0 0
William Purcell, Anakie £5 0 0
Thomas Finner, Cargarie £ 10 0 0
Zachariah Perryman, Wedderburn £5 0 0
Mary Moloney, Moranding, Kilmore £5 0 0
George Robinson, Boccoflat, near Wedderburn £ 10 0 0
Ellen Walsh, Smythesdale £5 6 6

 £75 6 6
Subscription withdrawn at request of donor £2 0 0
Total amount of fund £77 6 6

The persons to whom sums have been awarded are requested to communicate with the general manager, Argus office, Melbourne, without delay, stating how the amounts due to whom can be most conveniently transmitted.
                                                                            The Argus Saturday 16 October 1875

Zachary PERRYMAN, son of Henry PERRYMAN and Elizabeth CLAYTON was born on 23 May 1824 in Dorney, Buckinghamshire, England. He died on 07 Jul 1888 in Korong Vale, Victoria, Australia. He married Ellen STOCK, daughter of John STOCK on 07 Jan 1849 in Southwark, England. She was born in 1823 in England. She died after Jun 1854 (Adelaide or Melbourne, Australia). He married Margaret KERR, daughter of William KERR and Mary PORTER on 01 Feb 1869 (Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia). Margaret was born in 1835 in Pontspass, ARM, Ireland. She died in May 1907 in Bellevue, Western Australia, Australia.

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  1. I think we have a common ancester in Elizabeth & Henry Perryman who I beleive are my 5 x G-Great Grandparents ! I am in the UK would be good to get contact to share any further information you have on the perryman family


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