Friday, October 26, 2012

Finding Gabriel's house

We started with a 'mud map', a rough sketch that had been drawn by someone at some stage to show where the old Duckett family home was in Wedderburn, Victoria.

Then we found an old map that showed that Gabriel Duckett* had owned a block of land in an area that matched the mud map.

Map of Part of Wedderburn, Duckett block indicated.
 [Source of map unknown because when I copied it I didn't know about noting sources!!]
Next we studied a family photograph, taken in about 1910, of some of the family standing on the front verandah of the house that they lived in. Note the verandah decoration and in particular the missing section.

Gabriel Duckett with his wife Elizabeth (nee Perryman) and his daughter Myrtle (my grandmother).
Armed with all of the above my Uncle Arthur went to have a look in 2010. And, to his surprise and mine, found that the house was still there - complete with damaged verandah decoration!

The same house 100 years later.

 *Gabriel DUCKETT, son of Benjamin DUCKETT and Jane REDMAN was born on 05 Dec 1843 in Heath House, Somerset, England. Baptised: 03 Jan 1844 in Wedmore, SOM, England. He died on 11 Jun 1917 in Wedderburn, Victoria, Australia. Inquest: 12 Jun 1917 at Wedderburn finding 'Syncope the result of chronic heart disease. He married Elizabeth PERRYMAN, daughter of Zachary PERRYMAN and Ellen STOCK on 08 Dec 1870 in Inglewood, Victoria, Australia. She was born on 10 Sep 1849 in 'Cheapside' ship, off South Africa. She died on 06 Apr 1916 in Wedderburn, Victoria, Australia.


  1. Hi Lorraine - My name is Alan from the Wedderburn Historical Records Museum Inc. We are currently placing QR code badges at some of the Wedderburn Pioneers grave sites at the cemetery and have selected Gabriel & Elizabeth for a QR code. I would like to ask permission to use your photos on the slide show attached to the QR code. My email address is I also have some other photos and newspaper clippings that you may like a copy of. Regards, Alan

  2. Hi Alan. Thankyou for contacting me. I've emailed you.


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