Sunday, October 14, 2012

An interest in death

Wearing my other hat I've been blogging for a while, about natural history. Now it's time to start blogging about another passion of mine, family history.

Many years ago I started researching the history of my family and this interest in deaths, births and marriages and all that happens in between just hasn't gone away. The process of discovering the facts and stories about my ancestors and their families  has been a joy that continues today as more sources become readily available and the internet allows easy communication with other researchers across the globe. It's an exciting hobby.

This week I read a book in which the author has combined his interest in family history research with his writing skills to produce a novel that genealogists will enjoy. A Habit of Dying is a gentle story, slowing moving through the life of Lydia as she travels through the Lake District of England following up on clues derived from an album of photos she bought. Her original aim was to find a family member so she could pass on the album but discovered more than she bargained for.

I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading the author's second that is about to be published, The Subtle Thief of Youth. (I was hoping for a sequel to the first but it looks like it's not to be - Wiseman has headed off in a different direction.) You can read more reviews here.

A Habit of Dying by D J Wiseman, 2010, Troubador


  1. Just ordered the book based on your post - perhaps you should get a kickback from the author. Or at least a free copy of his next book :)

  2. I also love family history, and because of this post bought the book on my Kindle.



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