Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sepia Saturday: Time

It's late. Or is it early?

The lady is just arriving home and it appears to be five o'clock in the morning. The milkman has started his rounds.

This postcard is in an album with a number of other printed postcards and real photo postcards that appear to have been received by one lady living in Melbourne, Australia in the early 1900s. This one is dated 3/6/1909.

I wonder if the card was chosen because the sender and the receiver had both been to balls and may have arrived home in the wee hours. The postcard has a caption "Just by way of a change" but the meaning of that defeats me.

Postcard reverse
C/0 Mrs H Clarices[?]
Wallace St, Germanton
Dear Violet
Just a line to let you know I have not forgotten you. I will write you a long letter as soon as I can & send you a postal note for things you have gotten for me & for the opera cloak I think it is very cheap I went to a ball last night & had a grand time I was wishing you were here I can waltz all right now we went in evening dress pale pink & everyone said we were dressed the nicest don't [know] who was belle yet but as soon as the paper comes out I will send it to you don't forget to send me the photo of the ball you were at. I was surprised to hear you are such a flirt. I have another boy he as[sic] only one hand he is very nice & got plenty of money, the one that give me the gloves is off I had three after me to take me to the ball so I picked the one armed bloke he is so nice looking. give my love to all at home
Edie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Edie hasn't named the "one-armed bloke" but apparently the fact that he has money is important. I hope he had the sense to see Edie's real character. And I'd like to know the background to her comment about Violet being a flirt.

This post is in response to the Sepia Saturday theme photo that includes a clock. You can see other responses here.


  1. Maybe it means that this time it's the girl coming home late rather than the boy? The milkman will be changing over the cans, but that surely isn't it.

  2. Yes, I think Jo has it; it’s usually the man who rolls in late in these scenarios isn’t it? I agree with you about Edie - what a shallow person, and Violet doesn’t sound much better either!

  3. Sounds to me like BOTH of these young ladies need reprimanding! Her dress, though, doesn't look like a "ball" dress to what's she really up to?

  4. The postcard is interesting,
    but the text leaves me... speechless!!
    Speaks volume about the character of the writer.

  5. I think the same as Jo and Nell, she was coming up with the milkman as opposed to the male who would usually be the one out until all hours.

  6. I'm supposing that's papa showing his daughter the lateness of the hour. I don't know that Edie is so terribly shallow. She may only have meant the fellow with money wasn't a fly-by-night. She did think he was nice, and she chose him despite the fact he only had one arm. As for being handsome . . . come now! Women appreciate a handsome man just as men appreciate a pretty woman. Nothing wrong with that. :)

  7. I think Kristin is correct. I found a whole series of these postcards online when I googled "Just by way of a change." Part of a suffrage project. see

  8. Oh my goodness by the length of the writing on the postcard, I bet that will be a long letter later! What an intersting story, and not your everyday postcard news! Indeed interesting.

  9. Sepians come up trumps again! This postcard is a suffragette card for sure. I wonder if Edie or Violet knew that.

  10. That is a puzzling postcard, for sure. But the letter is GREAT! It sounds like the plot of an old romance comedy.

  11. The girl on the postcard appears to be somewhat inebriated too - she can't find the hole to insert her key!


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