Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sepia Saturday: Street photographers snap

Here it is, Saturday again, and I haven't written another blog since the last Sepia Saturday entry. Where did the week go?

The theme this week is a group of people setting off on a walk so I browsed through my albums to see what I could find. I came up with a few but really the majority of my family photos are of people standing still, facing the camera. It's not surprising really, because it cost a bit to get a film developed and if the subjects were moving there was more chance of blur. Nowadays the digital cameras allow us to take 'action photos' much more easily and at no cost.

I found a few photos of people linking arms or walking towards the camera, but only a few.

Bendigo Show, 1947_Neil Phelan, Shirley Alford, Elaine Whitfield, Joy Phelan, Keith Phelan and Doug Phelan

Mitiamo friends
Unknown people, unknown place.
Roy Phelan (left) with son Keith, and Ian Miles (right) - in Melbourne I think.
This family group is halfway through their walk. They're beside a waterfall in the
 beautiful Grampians range in western Victoria. Angus Wyllie, his mother Dolly and his sister
 Dorothy are standing. Angus' wife, Mavis, is sitting front left next to his sister Barbara
 and Mavis' sister Betty Curtis. There's me on my mum's knee and my cousin Rex
 is sitting on Betty's knee. 
And now you could head on over to Sepia Saturday to see what trails the other bloggers are following.


  1. Very beautiful photos and memories. How lovely the dresses of the girls and the men all wear ties. Dress sense was much more formal, but still they look relaxed. The second photo is even more formal; everyone looking very stylish.

  2. Your Mitiamo friends shot looks a bit like something from "The Godfather".

  3. What a group of wonderful photos! I normally post on Saturday as well after all it is Sepia Saturday right! So you are just in time!

  4. Everyone looks so Happy .Groups are interesting .people act differently than when they are on their own.They look mostly comfortable with one another.& yes! they dressed better then too!


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