Monday, February 25, 2013

Three Little Pigs

Three little pigs, and a wolf
What was the occasion? Was it a church social? Was it a school concert? Or did they just do it for fun? It is a photo taken in Mitiamo in central Victoria in about the 1920s but there's no indication who the children were other than the fact that it's in a Phelan family album. They've gone to a lot of trouble with the masks and the staging.


  1. I find it falls somewhere between the funny and the spooky. Great shot!!

  2. They look great! When I was growing up, outside of Horsham, people went to great lengths to dress up for the street parades, some of them still do for various festivals. My brother had a similar mask as a bull in a parade at Natimuk only a few years ago. Perhaps it was for one of those?

  3. People used to be so good at entertaining themselves. Is that a straw house I See ?

    1. I think it's actually three houses - brick, sticks and straw.

  4. What a fun picture.... and it's so clear.


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