Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trove Tuesday: In which James falls off his bicycle

This is the next installment in a series about the accident-prone Brown family of Cobden. In previous posts here and here I wrote about two siblings who drowned in separate incidents. This time I tell the story of another sibling, James Wear Brown, who died at the age of 52. It appears that he was riding down a hill to work in Cobden, turned sharply to avoid a vehicle and fell off his bike. He died a week later as a result of the injuries.

The Argus, 10 January 1925, digital scan from Trove.
James and Agnes Brown, wedding photo 1900
Man faking fall from bicycle, SLV collection Image H84.201/90 accessed via Trove 'pictures, photos, objects'
James Wear BROWN, son of John BROWN and Mary Ann HOWE was born on 14 Feb 1872 in Cobden, Victoria, Australia. He died on 15 Jan 1925 Camperdown Hospital, Victoria, Australia as a result of injuries to head and mouth when he fell off a bicycle. He married Agnes Eleanor SPRUCE, daughter of James SPRUCE and Caroline FRANCIS on 19 Dec 1900 (St Mary's C of E, Cobden, Victoria, Australia). She was born on 22 Jul 1884 in Apsley, Victoria, Australia. She died on 04 Aug 1955 Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia.


  1. Oh no...and it's a series???!!! That poor family must have suffered dreadfully.

  2. Wouldn't you just love to live those days - modern today has no idea what hard times hungry it was nor how to work to earn your keep. History will always be around as people such a you will keep it alive for those to see in later life.

    I commend you for your postings and yes TROVE is a wealth of Knowledge as I too scrounge through it looking for that little piece of gold mine that helps you put your family jigsaw into place plus at the same time correcting the digital spelling that sometimes put a smile on ones' face.



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