Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sepia Saturday: A trio of damaged photographs

The theme photo for Sepia Saturday this week is shows a print from a glass plate negative of three choir boys. I don't have any family photos to match so I've chosen a trio of damaged photos of trios.

These three photos are in the collection of the Genealogical Society of Victoria. They appear to be prints from damaged glass negatives. Most seem to be taken in a Melbourne studio in the 1920s, very few have names but the quality (of the undamaged bits) is very good. The photographer is unknown.

You can see more contributions to the theme over at Sepia Saturday's webpage. And you can see the rest of the collection on GSV's Flickr page here and here.


  1. The photos are wonderful - even with the damaged parts as you say. I love the little doll in the middle in that last one! :)

  2. That last photo is very sweet. I know the photographs have been digitalised but wonder where the originals are, now that the GSV has downsized drastically. I doubt if they are in the library, unless they are in a rather inaccessible basement storage room along with a lot of stuff that still needs sorting out. They may have been given to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, which has taken over most of the GSV collection.

  3. I like the hairstyle of the girl in the middle of photo one. And the cute little fellow in photo three with his tie tucked into his pants. Very clever take on the theme.

  4. A very interesting "take" on this week's theme. The children in the first photograph look so solemn, all dressed up in their Sunday best.

  5. I also enjoyed the girls' hairstyles. Thanks for sharing photos of children who have grown, lived their lives, and probably had grandchildren by now, whoever they might be.

  6. They may be damaged but they are perfect as a Sepia Saturday post!


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