Friday, September 9, 2016

Sepia Saturday: Work

When I was growing up on a farm we always had a few chickens (chooks, we called them) and a rooster or two, maybe ten or fifteen. They supplied our family with enough eggs and the occasional roast chicken. But dairy cows were our main income source.

Not like the farm in the photos I purchased on the web. This family took egg production very seriously. In the context of the other photos in the bundle I think they were post-WW2 immigrants from Eastern Europe and living in New South Wales, Australia in the 1950s. Our chickens were free range but it looks like these were caged birds, one to each cage.

This post is in response to Sepia Saturday's theme for September, work and play. You can find more workers over at the webpage.


  1. I’ve always liked the idea of keeping chickens and having fresh eggs for breakfast. The nearest I came was when a friend did so and would bring me some. They tasted so much nicer than those bought at the shop.

  2. My aunt & uncle (my mother's brother) raised chickens for a while in southern Calif., but eventually moved to Wisconsin where he took on the job of a long-haul truck driver.

  3. Those chickens don't look too unhappy, despite being caged. Their conditions were probably a lot better than in some of the battery hen farms these days.

  4. Backyard chickens are very popular now. You can even buy a coop at the fancy cookware shops like Williams Sonoma, where they sell one for about $1500.00. And they actually sell.

  5. I have a friend who raises chickens in her backyard for the eggs, and sells them at a rather high price to some other friends. I tried them once or twice and couldn't tell the difference, perhaps my taste buds are not attuned to eggs any more. Anyway, the chickens you show don't look as mistreated as some animal rights folks complain about.

  6. We kept chickens for about 8 years when we lived in the country. They were free range and one of my daughters still says they used to chase her. I think they were just looking for her to feed them.


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