Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sepia Saturday: Keith's chair

I've always liked these photos of Uncle Keith in his high chair. I wish we still had the chair because it looks pretty amazing but it was probably destroyed when the family's home was burnt down about 15 years later. The chair has wheels and a wheelbarrow-type handle, adjustable height mechanisms, decorative bibs and bobs ... and would be a horror to clean!! The seat doesn't look very comfortable either but Keith isn't complaining. The photo was taken in about 1926 in Victoria, Australia.

Keith Phelan in his adjustable high chair
Keith in his high chair
This post has been in response to the Sepia Saturday theme photo of two women in Belgium in 1914 carrying a painting and dismantled furniture to a safer area. I couldn't find a 'painting' photo in my albums to match so I chose to highlight the furniture instead.


  1. How lovely to at least have a photograph of such a distinctive high chair, and your uncle looks so cute with his fair curls.

  2. That is one interesting chair! Not exactly a high chair, but it could certainly be moved around easily.

  3. What a dear little chair that is! I wish we still had the chair that I and our kids had, not that it was anything like that, only metal, but of course you can't keep everything.

  4. What a nifty chair - wonder what the modern safety police would say about it!

  5. That is some wonderful contraption! I'm thinking it might come in handy shopping at Costco.

  6. Keith looks very thoughtful - pondering his next move?

  7. The photo is adorable. A very special chair, pity it is not around anymore.


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