Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sepia Saturday: Bling

There seems to be a distinct lack of a love of bling in our ancestors - maybe their strong Methodist/Presbyterian beliefs were contributing factors -  but I found a few examples of our albums.

Lena dressed-up (as a gypsy?)
Maggie wore several necklaces and a brooch with her lace-yoked dress.
An unknown young man with a tie clip, a lapel badge a watch chain
 (with medals attached) and some other sort of clip. (See detail below.)
Anyone recognise the medals?


  1. Sorry, can't help you with the medals, but I certainly admire Maggie's style.

  2. Having thought that I have no bling, you have reminded me that I have a gold lapel badge. But as it's a golfer I'm not allowed to wear it with a suit.

  3. I found a lot of family photos, but like you, not wearing much jewellery. Strong Lutheran ethics I suspect.

  4. You're right. Our ancestors had very little jewelry it seems. They had no plastic "costume" jewelry and real precious metals and gemstones were scarce except for the royalty and perhaps pirates (sometimes the same people).

    One medal seems to be a design like the Knights Templar Masonic fobs.

  5. Maggie looks very beautiful wearing a blouse adorned with lace and her jewellery. The young man is pretty sure of himself. I wonder if he has inherited the medals? Intriguing and beautiful photos.

  6. I have failed to find an answer to the Maltese Cross based jewel but I suspect it is a St John based/related Christain association, the starting point of research may be Knights of St John, Order of St John,

  7. Iwas thinking that the cross-shaped one was perhaps a medal for passing some St John's medical training, but the cross is a bit different from the St John's one. Perhaps it is that of a fraternal organisation.

  8. That must be the shadow of the photographer on Lena's feet.


  9. I spotted the Maltese Cross too as I have a couple of modern brooches with the design; I wonder what it stood for.

  10. The only jewelry I ever liked wearing were my pop beads when I was a kid. I still have them. When I graduated from high school many people gave me jewelry. I've never worn any of it.

    I really like Maggie. There's an intensity that is interesting. And she reminds me a bit of the latest actor to portray Sherlock Holmes.

  11. Perhaps it was consider vanity to be wearing too much jewellery?!?
    Love the boy's watch chain and all...


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